Oracle Continues Server Hardware Push with Sun Netra

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 20, 2010

Oracle has announced a new blade chassis and server for its Sun Netra servers. As noted in this TechTarget article, the 10U chassis, called the Sun Netra 6000, will be able to hold 10 blade servers.

The company announces a 10U chassis for its Sun Netra servers.

"The one blade server Oracle announced was the Netra T6340, an UltraSparc T2-based two-socket blade running Solaris and maxing out at 256GB of memory. It includes compliance with the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS), a certification that involves features such as extra cooling fans to accommodate the wider temperature ranges NEBS requires. Oracle announced the chassis and blade today at a telemanagement forum in France today, saying the two items are available now. The company wouldn’t disclose a price, but it will be more than the regular 6340 blade, which is listed at about $15,000."

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