Move Virtualized Server Applications Across Data Centers

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Posted May 20, 2010

AppZero has announced the availability of the AppZero Release 4.5 Virtual Application Appliance (VAA) Suite. According to this DABCC report, AppZero automates and makes the process of moving multi-application workloads fast, and also provides enterprises with an on-demand approach for running server-side apps when and where they want.

AppZero 4.5 lets groups of virtualized server applications to be 'scooped and moved' across the data center and cloud.

"The AppZero Enterprise Suite is built on AppZero’s patent-pending Cloud Container Isolation Technology™ that encapsulates a server application and all of its dependencies, but with zero operating system (OS) component. The VAA, freed from any OS encumbrance, can move seamlessly from data center to, and among, clouds and back across both physical and virtual servers.

"The new 4.5 release helps customers create VAAs with the addition of a new 'scoop and move' creation tool. Now all the applications on a machine can be scooped up without the OS and the applications are packaged as a VAA making them mobile from another server or from the data center to the cloud. Also included in Release 4.5 is support for mixed mode 64 and 32 bit Windows-on-Windows applications, enabling these applications to be isolated within a VAA Cloud container. Finally, a new feature called One-click-run makes loading and running a VAA from the network a single step process."

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