IBM Server Designed for Nvidia's Tesla

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 19, 2010

IBM has plans to build a 'half-depth' Xeon server that will have enough room to fit Nvidia's Tesla M2050 or M2070 GPU modules. As mentioned in this PC Mag report, Nvidia praised the announcement as a validation of its technology.

IBM's half-depth Xeon server will ogffer space for Nvidias Fermi technology.

"Unlike a traditional microprocessor, graphics chips are optimized for dedicated operations repeated quickly, millions of times per second. In general, that has meant that a traditional GPU can not actually serve as the foundation for a server. But Nvidia's Tesla cards, as well as similar cards from ATI, were designed to bridge the gap between GPU and 'general-purpose' graphics processing, serving as effective coprocessors for visualization and scientific computing."

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