Linuxcare Offers Open-Source Cloud Migration Support

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 18, 2010

One of the original founders of Linux support company, Linuxcare, has revamped the company with a focus on providing affordable services for companies migrating to open-source cloud computing. As reported on Cyber Cynic, Linuxcare is offering technical services with the same model -- businesses will buy only the service they need as they need them.

Linuxcare says it will provide support services for companies migrating to open-source cloud computing.

"Linuxcare is also providing a simple Web interface for customers to easily order blocks of time for general or specific services like configuring or maintaining applications/servers, or providing storage, security, or other tasks. 'Linuxcare was the gold standard in Linux support, training, professional services and certification - in the Cloud Computing space, we believe Linuxcare can assert itself as the number one provider of 'Administrators in the Cloud' said Tyde.

"I think he's right. Linuxcare, which at one time supported Linux at companies like IBM, Dell, HP, and Sun, was always a good company. Its fatal flaw, back in the day, was that it has hired some poor managers who didn't get open source at all and spent money like water pursuing an IPO that never happened."

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