Hypervisor Reach Contributes to Thinning of the OS

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 17, 2010

As enterprise computing continues to transform, thinning of the operating system comes down to the expanding reach of the hypervisor and more abstraction of system services into application server layer. Also stated in this CTO Edge report, companies are also building virtual machines where the internal hypervisor directly manages all the access to the devices drivers.

As the hypervisor transforms enterprise computing, operating systems are wasting away.

"In fact, he said VMware is taking advantage of the hypervisor to rethink how security and storage should be managed all together. As Tucci noted, security and storage management emerged as a discipline to compensate for those missing capabilities in the operating system. Going forward, he said IT organizations should expect to see VMware embed security and storage management services directly into the virtual server environment."

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