eRacks Announces 48-Core 1U Rackmount Server

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 14, 2010

eRacks has announced its new 48-core OPTERNATOR 1U rackmount server. According to this news release on PR Web, the new 6100 Opteron 12 core has a massive 2 Billion (with a B) transistors and 20MB of cache.

With the new Opteron 6100 series, the company says they are able to squeeze up to 48 cores in a 1U system.

"The OPTERNATOR also has 12 REAL cores per CPU not just logical ones, whereas Intel has logical cores the OPTERNATOR has real hardware cores. This makes it ideal for rendering complex scenes, for data mining, or for any other CPU hungry application that needs to have its thirst sated. This is the most amount of core in a 1U on the market today, and will probably be the benchmark for system makers for years to come.

"Add in the options available to the OPTERNATOR and you have a winner. With a maximum of 256GB of Memory, RAID options, Remote management via an IPMI card, ISCSI support (optional), hotswap bays, and the ability to add in a 10GbE or even 40GbE card (upcoming) this will serve any need you can throw at it. eRacks also offers USB3 card options, and plenty of room to expand in a 2U chassis for Graphics Cards (Telsa, or FERMI), more Network cards, or even external ESATA3 connections."

Read the Full Story at PR Web

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