Liquid Web Adds Hybrid Cloud on Dedicated Servers

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Posted May 14, 2010

Liquid Web has announced that its Storm Bare Metal provides all the cloud hosting features users want, but rather than being delivered on shared resources, it's delivered on a private dedicated server. As mentioned in this report on The Whir, the platform allows users to provision and manage private dedicated servers with cloud hosting features, including like instant server setup, clone, resize, backups and Cloud Attached Firewall.

The company's Storm On Demand cloud platform allows users to manage private dedicated servers with cloud hosting features.

"With Storm On Demand, users can deploy flexible, hybrid hosting configurations that contain a mixture of Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal dedicated servers within the same management console. Also, the move between Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Servers can be performed with the click of a button, so if a customer is getting overloaded, an individual can quickly scale up their infrastructure without any migration pains.

"Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Server offerings start at the low end with an Intel Pentium E5300 with one 2600 MHz CPU, 1.9GB of RAM, and 220GB of SATA storage for $90 per month or $0.12 per computing hour. On the high end, Storm offers an AMD Opteron 2350 with two 2000 MHz CPUs with eight cores combined, 32 GB of RAM, and four 1,853GB hard drives in a RAID 10 configuration, all for $500 per month or $0.69 per hour."

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