Why Virtualization Blade Servers Makes Sense

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 12, 2010

Diskless servers may be a good fit for medium-size to large businesses, virtualizing their infrastructures. According to this Info World Blog, HP and IBM both offer what they term a 'virtualization blade.' Neither blade has a traditional disk subsystem, opting for either flash or SSD-based boot devices and local storage.

The new 'diskless servers' are called virtualization blades.

"So imagine a blade chassis designed from the ground up to house completely diskless blades. Not only that, but these blades would be designed without a framebuffer: no disk, no video, just 10G Ethernet and Fibre Channel ports, two low-voltage multicore CPUs, and as many DIMM slots as possible. The power and cooling requirements for such a chassis would be different than those for a traditional chassis, as would possible blade densities. You'd get an awful lot of bang for your power and cooling buck."

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