CAStor Offers Power Conservation for Storage Server Hardware

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 12, 2010

Caringo says its new version of CAStor includes 'Darkive' intelligent power management. According to the company in this Business Wire press release, the combination of the new Darkive intelligent power management, with the economics of massive scalability and off-the-shelf hardware, provide CAStor 4.0 with a powerful value proposition that should help to accelerate payback on IT investments.

Caringo has announced that its new CAStor 4.0 software includes an adaptive power conservation technology.

"CAStor object-based software seamlessly scales from terabytes to petabytes using off-the-shelf, commodity server hardware. It lowers cost of ownership from acquisition through operations. Customers can mix and match hardware specs, vendors and generations in the same cluster. Even older hardware can be run cost effectively with Darkive. CAStor dynamically balances load and storage based on usage and node specifications. Data integrity, authentication and retention are built into the architecture for compliance or common sense information protection."

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