Launches Cloud Server Management Products

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 5, 2010

Founded 18 months ago execs are are all seasoned IT professionals with experience in servers, networks, and virtualization. As mentioned in this report on The Register, the company has raised its second round of funding and launched its first products for managing virtual server infrastructure across private and public clouds.'s CloudStack software is 98 percent open-source and supports services from Amazon, VMWare, and Citrix.

"The techies behind, which was founded a mere 18 months ago, are all seasoned IT execs with lots of experience with servers, networks, and virtualization. Sheng Liang, who is the company's founder and chief executive officer, was the lead developer for Sun's Java Virtual Machine, the idealized computer that runs Java, which is an idealized form of C++ if you don't like thinking about the underlying iron. Liang was on the management teams of Seven Networks and Openwave Systems after leaving Sun Microsystems, and co-founded Teros Networks (sold to Citrix Systems in 2005)."

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