Deploying Exchange Server 2010 on Virtual Servers

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Posted May 5, 2010

According to Windows IT Pro, Exchange environments, particularly those running Exchange Server 2010, can be robustly deployed on virtual servers. Be warned, however: deploying Exchange improperly in a virtual environment can lead to slowness and other performance problems. This article offers advice for a successful virtual deployment.

Exchange environments can make use the consolidation and options that a virtualization infrastructure offers.

"There are some limitations to virtualization of Exchange 2010 server roles. For example, Microsoft doesn't support virtualization of the Unified Messaging role. All other roles, however—Client Access, Hub Transport, Edge Transport, and Mailbox—are supported, provided the virtualization software is a member of the aforementioned SVVP.

"In addition, Microsoft doesn't support using the Exchange 2010 native mailbox high-availability option, database availability groups (DAGs), on virtual hosts configured for host high availability. This limitation applies to technologies such as VMware's V-Motion, Citrix's XenMotion, Hyper-V Live Migration, and any other solution that automatically fails over the guest sessions from a downed host to another host server. In general, the preferred option would be to use DAG replicas, which have significant advantages, and simply deploy hosts that house the Exchange Mailbox servers without the high-availability options in the host virtualization software."

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