Intel Labs Uses Old Servers to Create Routers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 4, 2010

Intel Labs says they have taken old servers that may be out of commission and cluster them in such a way as to turn them into data center routers. As reported on eWeek, key to the redeployment of unused, commodity-type servers is an open source software package called Click Router.

Intel Labs uses open-source Click Router to tie servers together for a new role.

"'Programmers can rapidly build and reprogram networks using the hardware and software they’re most familiar with. They [also] can decouple network software and hardware and avoid the cost of specialized hardware development,' Iannaccone said.

"The main reason this can be done at this time is the emergence of Intel's multi-core Nehalem chips, which provide the bandwidth and gigbit speed for these router bricks to perform at enterprise levels, Iannaccone said."

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