Zenith Tools Helps Providers Compete Against Cloud Vendors

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted May 3, 2010

Zenith Infotech is offering a number of tools that will help service providers compete against direct-to-market vendors. According to the company in this PR News Wire release, SmartStyle Office allows IT solution providers to offer their own cloud solution hosted at the end-user's site, their private data center, or at Zenith Infotech's 600- person, highly secured network operations center.

The company says it is developing tools, resources and support to help partners partners compete against direct-to-market vendors.

"'Every product, service and program we develop is focused on helping them more effectively – and profitably – compete against larger, more established brands with hybrid go-to market strategies,' said Barb Burk, senior director of Marketing for Zenith Infotech. "We try to raise the visibility of emerging technologies and business trends with partners so they can see what's coming up the road and capitalize on them at the upswing of the curve. We respect the value our partners offer their customers and believe our greatest success comes from partnering, not competing, with them.'"

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