ManageEngine Adds Support for Virtual Server Monitoring

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 29, 2010

ManageEngine, provider of the ManageEngine Applications Manager is now offering support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi servers, enabling IT adminis to gain insight into the health and performance of virtual servers. As note din this report, ManageEngine Applications Manager is a performance management solution, and capability includes server monitoring, application server monitoring, database monitoring, and web services monitoring.

The company has added support for monitoring VMware ESX/ESXi servers to ManageEngine Applications Manager.

"With the help of ManageEngine Applications Manager, IT administrators can gain important insight into the health and performance of virtual servers as well as the virtual hosts configured in those servers. They can also ensure their virtual systems are performing at their peak with the aid of comprehensive performance metrics as well as in-depth reports, states the company.

"'While server virtualization provides great flexibility to businesses it comes with its own share of complexities that at times can be overwhelming to IT Operations,' said Gibu Mathew, product manager, applications performance management solutions at ManageEngine. 'That is why at ManageEngine we go beyond plain virtualization monitoring. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides deep dive application component monitoring, which helps manage both physical and virtual components of a heterogeneous IT environment.'"

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