CytexOne Launches New Stratus Server Appliance

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 28, 2010

CytexOne has announced a new Stratus server appliance that is designed to let small businesses add Microsoft SBS or Blackberry Enterprise Server, or both, for their employees. As noted in this TMC report, the Stratus appliance includes a virtualized server, SBS with Exchange, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, handset licenses and full support.

The new Stratus server appliance enables SMBs to add Microsoft SBS or BlackBerry Enterprise Server for a mobile workforce.

"The company has claimed that the Stratus Appliance was designed from the beginning to be completely turn-key and it requires neither any hardware to swap nor any software to install. It is built to RIM specifications and is constantly monitored. The Stratus Appliance for BlackBerry is part of a family of products that uses CytexOne's proprietary Secure Distributed Virtualization platform which enables unprecedented access for client premise devices for remote programming, monitoring, and network maintenance and server scalability.

"The CytexOne Stratus appliance comes pre-loaded with BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0. This new version enhances functionality and unlike other BlackBerry Enterprise server solution allows company-wide access to third party BlackBerry applications."

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