How To: Migrate Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010

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Posted Apr 26, 2010

This Windows IT Pro how-to guide offers a 'real-word' look at how to migrate both both front-end and back-end servers from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010. It focuses on the requirements of smaller organizations, as the needs of larger organizations typically just scale up from there.

This Exchange Server 2003 how-to guide will help you migrate infrastructure to Exchange Server 2010.

"Before you can install Exchange 2010, there are certain things that you must verify about your existing Exchange environment. The Exchange setup process checks these things too, but it's best that you verify them for yourself, so that when setup throws an error it doesn't come as a surprise.

"Exchange must be in Native mode. You can't have any Exchange 2000 servers and all Exchange 2003 servers must be at SP2. You must also have KB937031 installed. To verify whether Exchange is in Native Mode, open the Exchange System Manager (ESM), right-click the Exchange Organization name in the selection pane, and select properties. You should get a dialog similar to Figure 1, with the Operation mode displayed as Native Mode. If the organization weren't native mode, I'd have a choice to change the mode of the organization in this dialog. There are a number of prerequisites for upgrading an organization to native mode, but they're outside the scope of this article. Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article 272314, XADM: Preparing a Mixed Mode Organization for Conversion to Native Mode."

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