Microsoft , Oracle Share Enterprise Cloud Views

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 23, 2010

Oracle and Microsoft execs offered different visions of the enterprise cloud this week at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York. According to this PC World Business Center report, Microsoft spent time emphasizing its public cloud offerings and Oracle was touting tools for building out internal clouds.

At the Cloud Computing Expo, Microsoft and Oracle Execs shared different enterprise cloud visions.

"Both software giants agreed, however, that enterprise use of clouds is best done on an as-needed basis, in what their executives called 'a hybrid model'.

"'I'd argue that if you'd run today's applications in the cloud with exactly the same utilization as you would in your own data center ... [it] will probably cost you more,' said Hal Stern, Oracle president and former Sun Microsystems chief technology officer for services, during one talk.

"The advantage of the cloud, Stern argued, is elasticity. It is those 'impulse functions of demand, where you want to go to 100 CPUs to 1,000 CPUs, but give them back,' he said."

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