Server Virtualization Trends for Midsize Enterprise

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 21, 2010

Reports from the Midsize Enterprise Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, indicate that virtualization was the leading area of technology interest among attending CIOs, with interest in server virtualization technology exceeding interest in desktop virtualization. According to this Information Week report, desktop virtualization is still appearing, however the price point for midsized enterprises is still high so the deployment rate is low.

Reports from the Midsize Enterprise Summit indicate that CIOs are interested in server virtualization.

"Claunch said that another reason for the disparity in deployment is the simple number of options for virtual desktop computing. 'It's going to be a fragmented world. When we say virtual for desktop it's a number of things that are very different,' he said. The models for desktop virtualization include the thin model from years ago in which a server hosts the environment while the presentation is handled by a light-weight terminal in front of the user. Desktop virtualization can also be a hypervisor on a PC running different copies of the operating system."

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