Enterprise Clouds: Switch or Niche?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 19, 2010

Wile the future of cloud adoption in the enterprise looks promising, GigaOM questions if enterprise cloud computing will represent 'The Big Switch' a 'dimmer switch' or a 'little niche'? According to the report, a number of drivers and barriers will ultimately guide enterprise decisions and architectures.

The future of cloud adoption will depend less on technology involved and more on economic factors.

"Metrics and Models: A true apples-to-apples comparison of financials, risk, compliance, customer experience and competitiveness is tricky, because among the factors that need to be taken into account are the roles of sunk costs and depreciated assets, migration costs, marginal capital investments or ancillary costs required to implement and transition to robust solutions, power, cooling, space, management, administration, certification and training. Stair-step effects — where provisioning of new capacity is done in large blocks which at first are underutilized, or the need for one additional quantum of compute capacity drives construction of an entire new data center — complicate things further."

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