Server Virtualization Choices for the SMB

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Posted Apr 19, 2010

Any burden on the physical server hardware becomes a critical concern, but a poor choice of virtual application and resource allocation could result in a poorly performing server network. This Computer World article looks at a number of servers aimed at medium-sized businesses.

Performance issues — like fault tolerance and redundancy are important as a single physical server failure can bring down mission critical virtual servers.

"The servers in this review are aimed at medium-sized businesses. They range from low-cost 1RU servers with relatively little in the way of fault tolerance or redundancy, such as the Xenon Radon R1150, up to the HP c3000 blade enclosure, which offers fault tolerance and redundancy second to none. It is worth noting that all the servers, including the Xenon Radon R1150, support memory mirroring.

"Don’t, however, dismiss the Xenon Radon R1150, despite its minimal fault tolerance and redundancy. A handful of R1150 servers in a rack with virtual application servers and their virtual secondaries strategically distributed between physical servers can arguably provide more fault tolerance than the HP c3000. The overall performance and robustness of your virtual servers rely on more than just the physical hardware and resources — the application deployment procedures and control are just as critical."

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