Hybrid Cloud Architecture Defined

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 12, 2010

Hybrid cloud computing usually refers to a model that combines a local data center with off-premise cloud computing resources. According to this .NET Developer's Journal article, cloud computing adoptees can consider a hybrid cloud when there is simply is not enough choice and control over infrastructure solutions.

Hybrid cloud computing models makes more sense for adoptees of cloud computing.

"Cloud computing providers have generally arisen from two markets: pure cloud, i.e. new start-ups who see a business opportunity in providing resources on-demand, and service-providers, i.e. hosting providers who see a business opportunity in expanding their offerings into the resource on-demand space. Terremark is one of the latter, and its ability to draw on its experience in traditional hosting models while combining that with an on-demand compute resource model has led to an interesting hybrid model that can combine the two, providing for continued ROI on existing customer investments in infrastructure while leveraging the more efficient, on-demand resource model for application delivery and scalability."

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