DOD Looks for E-mail in the Cloud

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 9, 2010

Last month the Army released a draft request for proposals for its new consolidated enterprise e-mail service, that will provide all soldiers with a single e-mail address that follows them throughout their military career. According to this report on Defense Systems, the plan also describes a service delivered through cloud computing.

The Army's new enterprise messaging and collaboration plan includes cloud computing model.

"'Security is the big constraining factor with cloud' computing, said Kevin Orr, Cisco Systems’ director of DOD business. 'DOD is looking to build clouds on premise so that they can control them. For DOD’s Title 10 responsibilities, they feel they need to own the assets. So each of the services are looking to host and offer those sorts of [cloud computing] services,' he said.

"Orr added many organizations within DOD are still 'getting their arms' around how they want to implement and secure the cloud within their own data centers.

"One model that is pointed in the right direction, Orr said, is the approach taken by the Defense Information Services Agency. 'They buy and rebrand their [cloud] offerings kind of 'by the drink' -- a utility computing model,' Orr said. 'I think one of the areas you're going to see cloud growing in is self-service offerings from DOD customers to DOD customers.'"

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