New Tool for Server Room Monitoring

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 9, 2010

Degree Controls has announced the Accusense F333, a new server room monitoring tool that is used to sense air velocity at accurate levels. According to this report on Comms Express, it allows networking engineers to keep track of airflow within their premises.

Degree Controls announces the Accusense F333 monitoring tool.

"The Accusense F333 is a server room monitoring tool that employs constant deltaT architecture to sense air velocity at accurate levels, according to Cabling Installations & Maintenance.

"Capable of providing the user with an air velocity measurement range of between 0.2 m/s and 10.0 m/s, the device also maintains ten per cent accuracy across a temperature range of between 15 C and 60 C.

"As well as within server racks, the device can be used across a number of environments, including ducting applications, fume hoods and bio safety cabinets."

Read the Full Story at Comms Express

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