Better Data Center Management With Cisco 3.0 Refresh

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 8, 2010

As part of its Data Center 3.0 upgrades, Cisco announced two new Nexus fabric extenders which provide 10Gb Ethernet connectivity between the servers and the fabric interconnect. According to this ZDNet Report, the company also unveiled the two-socket and four-socket servers with up to four times the computing and bandwidth capacity of their predecessors.

Cisco's USC server upgrade is a part of the company's Data Center 3.0 lineup.

"With UCS, Cisco aims to provide a cohesive datacenter architecture that links computing, networking, virtualization, storage access and management. The launch of the initiative in March 2009 marked the networking specialist's move into making server hardware, with the introduction of a set of blade systems. The first rack-mount servers followed in June the same year.

"The new UCS B-Series and C-Series four-socket servers will use Xeon 7500 processors — according to Cisco, this will provide three times the performance of traditional four-socket systems, with double the memory capability and a nine times increase in memory bandwidth."

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