Canonical to Release Desktop, Server Editions End-April

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 8, 2010

According to this Network World report, Canonical believes it is ready to replace whatever competitor you've got on your servers now. The April 29, 10.04 LTS release will include a Desktop and Server Edition.

Canonical says it is ready to replace whatever competitor you have on your servers now.

"KVM is lighter weight and better supported, says Carr, though he agrees that Xen certainly has its upsides. The Xen code is owned by Citrix, and Citrix's tight relationship with Microsoft, might be a turn-off for true-blue open source believers.

"Carr says that Canonical did have some concerns when Red Hat became the code owners of KVM. But Ubuntu Server Edition users say the hypervisor is a popular, important feature to them. As for Hyper-V, Canonical hasn't become an officially supported option. But Carr contends that users can successfully run Ubuntu as a Hyper-V guest."

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