Rackspace Cloud Offers iPad Server App

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 7, 2010

Rackspace Cloud is offering users the Rackspace Cloud Pro application for the new iPad to monitor and manage their Rackspace Cloud Servers. As noted in the company's press release on Market Watch, Cloud Pro lets users turn on backups for a server, create new servers from backups, manage back-up scheduling, re-boot, rename, resize and delete servers, using the iPad's touch screen interface.

Rackspace Cloud users can turn on server backups from their iPad.

"The application also offers a panel on the login screen that shows users the current system status of the entire Rackspace Cloud and displays the US and UK Rackspace support numbers. Using Cloud Pro, users can also ping the public IP address for a Cloud Server to see how responsive their server is from wherever they are located. Cloud Pro for iPad frees businesses and developers from their desktops by offering them enterprise-quality server control and functionality through the convenience and mobility of the iPad.

"'It's amazing to think about how the iPad tablet and Cloud Servers can lower the entry barriers for web start-ups everywhere because they no longer have to make large investments in hardware to get their businesses going,' stated Mike Mayo, Developer, Rackspace Hosting. 'I also believe the mobility and functionality made possible by the iPad and The Rackspace Cloud will change the way we work because we are now unchained from our desktops and offices. You can control your servers from wherever you are -- in a meeting, at dinner or at the beach.'"

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