Testing Enterprise Public Clouds

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Posted Apr 6, 2010

The benefits of public clouds are obvious, but so are the pitfalls—outages, security, and compliance concerns to name but a few. This Computer World article reviews a number of enterprise public cloud services and reports on costs, issues and services.

The benefits of public clouds are obvious, but what about the pitfalls?

"Terremark's negotiation process is less formal than BlueLock's, although all of our private cloud metrics were met fully by Terremark. Terremark's hardware offerings are just slightly more expansive than those from BlueLock, as Terremark uses HP 580 and 585 servers. Terremark also offered us a variety of bundles that were pre-defined hardware/software asset combinations.

"The build-time was shorter -- they were the first online and were ready-to-go quickly, although part of the speed came from the fact that Terremark didn't provision our instances of RedHat, and only offered Windows 2008 (not R2) server instances, with no maintenance, although it can be procured."

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