Cirrus Announces Xen VM Hosting Plans

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 5, 2010

Cirrus Tech has announced the launch of its Xen VM hosting plans. The new service is for clients looking for a hypervisor based Virtual Machine (VM) that will give them a more isolated virtual environment and more control over the operating system. As noted in the company's news release on PR-USA, clients will be able to perform security updates and OS modifications not available in OS-level virtualization technologies such as Virtuozzo.

Cirrus Tech expands services in to the virtualized hosting market.

"Each Xen VM is allotted a guaranteed part of the server’s resources such as RAM, disk space, and CPU. Cirrus Tech has built their Xen VM hosting infrastructure with redundancy as a key factor. All Xen VMs run on Dell Blade servers with redundant power and redundant SAS hard drives. Xen VMs feature hardware Raid 6 which allows data redundancy of up to 2 hard drive failures. Clients can also choose to purchase multiple Xen VMs and load balance them with a virtual load balancer add-on. For added data protection, all Xen VM containers can be backed up with the available R1Soft remote backup solution add-on."

Read the Full Story at PR-USA

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