The Push for Open-source Clouds

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Posted Apr 2, 2010

Mandriva, along with IELO and Nexedi, have formed the Free Cloud Alliance to promote cloud-based infrastructure that uses open-source products. As mentioned in this PCWorld Business Story, the products offered by the Free Cloud Alliance include the NiftyName Virtual Datacenter and Block Storage Server from IELO; Xtreem Storage Server from Mandriva; Neo Storage Server and SLAP Cloud Engine from Nexedi; and the OEM Platform from TioLive, a Nexedi subsidiary.

Several companies have joined to form the Free Cloud Alliance which will push open source products.

"The Free Cloud Alliance was formed to show that companies can build a cloud-based infrastructure using open source products, according to Jean-Paul Smets, CEO at Nexedi. The members also want to work toward cloud services that provide the same operational benefits offered by, for example, Amazon, but at the same time give users access to the source code and their data in its native form, Smets said.

"'If you have access to the source code and your data in its native form you don't run the risk of being locked in to one vendor,' said Smets.

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