Cloudkick Spans Cloud and Physical Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 2, 2010

Cloudkick, a San Francisco-based startup, is bridging the gap between the cloud and physical servers. According to this report on The Register, the company's "Hybrid Cloudkick," lets you monitor and manage your physical servers alongside instances floating in the so-called cloud.

The Cloudkick Server manager lets you manage cloud and physical servers.

"After installing a software agent on a dedicated server, Cloudkick CEO Alex Polvi tells The Reg, you can monitor and manage the machine from the company's existing online interface. The agent bundles Cloudkick's REST (representational state transfer) API, which means you can also build your own configuration and inventory tools. According to Polvi, the API works the same with dedicated machines as it does with sky-high virtual servers.

"'This is our enterprise offering,' he says. 'We're helping you bridge the gap between your cloud infrastructure and your dedicated machines behind the firewall and bringing them together.' With a single line of code, for instance, you could compile a list of all servers you're managing across Amazon EC2 as well as your own data center."

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