Intel: Not Waiting for Software

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Posted Apr 1, 2010

According to an Intel vice president, the company learned its lesson in waiting for software with the whole 64-bit thing that late relative to the market. For the roll-out of the Xeon 7500 and 6500 series, as noted in this report on The Register, operating system vendors are busily cranking away at updates.

Intel says the company's hardware advances will lead - not follow - software developments.

"It's all well and good to have such capabilities built into chips, but operating systems need to be upgraded to take advantage of them. In the case of the new Xeon's, however, Skaugen said that operating system vendors aren't far behind. 'The good news is that, on this, we're very well aligned,' he said.

"Referring to the multi-bit error–correction technology that the new Xeons have borrowed from the mainframe world, Skaugen noted that 'Microsoft supports machine check architecture recovery today in Windows 2008 R2.' He also noted that 'Red Hat is making an announcement for eight-socket scalability today,' referring to that company's Tuesday release of RHEL 5.5."

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