Samsung Ships 32-GB DRAM Server Memory

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Apr 1, 2010

Samsung's new memory module doubles the 16-GB capacity of Samsung's previous high-end module. According to this Computer World report, the new module is based on 4Gbit DDR3 chips using Samsung's latest 40nm lithography technology.

Samsung is now shipping samples of its 'highest density' memory modules to server manufacturers.

"Samsung said the new dual inline memory module (RDIMM) consists of 36 DDR3 chips that can perform at equal or greater levels as a 40nm-based 16GB module with no increase in power consumption.

"A dual CPU server can house up to 12 32GB DRAM modules, which would provide some 384GB of memory, doubling the company's previous capacity of 192GBs per server. The new offering boosts power consumption by less than 5% over that needed for 16GB module-based systems, Samsung said."

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