Red Hat Announces RHEV 2.2 Beta

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Posted Mar 30, 2010

Red Hat has announced beta availability of its virtualization platform, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 2.2., marking its first public announcement about the virtualization platform since its initial release last November. According to the news story on Datamation, the RHEV 2.2. suite includes a standalone KVM hypervisor as well as a server virtualization management product.

Red Hat has announced beta availability of its virtualization platform -- Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) 2.2.

"The general idea with Red Hat's embrace of OVF is that users will be able to move virtual machines across different virtual environments.

"'The ability to import third-party virtual machines has been the biggest request from our customer base who want to migrate their existing workloads from VMware to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization,' Cathrow said. 'The OVF format is an industry standard for creating virtual machine images. By adopting this standard, we are able to leverage a wide variety of tools that already support OVF.'

"As part of that effort, RHEV 2.2 will use a tool called V2V, which is a virtual machine conversion application. With V2V, a VMware or Xen image is converted into OVF, which can then be used with RHEV 2.2."

Read the Full Story at Datamation

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