Abiquo Offers VMware-to-Hyper-V Conversion

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 30, 2010

Abiquo, looking to meet U.S. customer demands to create and manage virtual resources pools, has combined open-source software with its cloud computing expertise. As mentioned in this Network World story, the company most recently released Abiquo 1.5, adding Microsoft Hyper-V support to the company’s flagship product, enabling customers to perform VMware-to-Microsoft Hyper-V conversion.

Start-up Abiquo combines open-source software with cloud computing expertise.

"IT managers can install Abiquo 1.5 on a central server and point it at the physical machines it is to manage, or identify a range of IP addresses. The software auto-discovers machine resources and manages existing live virtual machines, Malcolm says, adding that the software can also capture and store 'stateful' virtual machines. The updated version adds policy-based workload management, enforceable resource limits and multi-tenancy capabilities that provide delegated provisioning of virtual enterprises."

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