Virtualization, Cloud Computing Change IT Costs

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 29, 2010

According to this report on Computer World, new technology trends, including virtualization, cloud computing, and hosted applications are changing the traditional IT equation. While these trends make infrastructure less complex, the article points out that it also makes the model for identifying direct costs much more complex.

New technology trends change IT calculations.

"Factoring in costs of collateral impact should also happen at the project management phase as applications are being developed. While an organisation's impact metric might state that a new application for 1000 users will require five help desk people, that number will surely rise to fit the initial learning curve, says Wolke.

"On a more granular level, building new applications deserves the same degree of collateral impact planning. Coding is dependent on various components including bits of code, and small applications and licensing from third parties that must be made part of a disaster recovery plan, says Wolke. 'There is much more dependency. Applications don't stand alone anymore,' he says."

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