Xeon 5600 Lands Big Name Servers

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 29, 2010

When the Xeon 5600 launched, manufactures jumped on the bandwagon to offer Xeon 5600s into their boxes instead of last year's Xeon 5500s. According to this report on The Register it has reinvigorated the server market.

Server manufacturers have embraced the six-core Xeon 5600s.

"When the six-core 'Westmere-EP' Xeon 5600s that were launched, a lot of the server makers kept essentially the same lineup, allowing for customers to buy last year's x64 boxes. But this time around, they're slapping Xeon 5600s into their boxes instead of last year's Xeon 5500s, the 'Nehalem-EPs' that reinvigorated the server market in the wake of the economic meltdown as 2009 was coming to a close.

"Even if Intel was using an apples-to-applesauce comparison, with 2.93 GHz, 95 watt, quad-core Xeon 5500s being stack up against 3.33 GHz, 130 watt, six-core Xeon 5600s instead of systems using processors running at the same speed or watts. The 130 watt parts are utterly useless in a lot of data centers and would normally have been restricted to workstations where power and cooling are not a big issue."

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