VMware, Citrix Behind on Bare-metal Hypervisors

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Posted Mar 26, 2010

Bare-metal hypervisors runs directly on system hardware rather than on top of a host operating system, allowing multiple operating systems to run on top of the hypervisor as virtual machines. According to this PC World report, both Citrix Systems and VMware are running behind in plans to ship bare-metal hypervisors.

Leading virtualization software vendors are behind in plans to ship bare-metal hypervisors for desktop PCs.

"Citrix and VMware were expected to ship their respective products, XenClient and Client Virtualization Platform, before the end of 2009. Now VMware hopes to have something out by the end of 2010. Citrix is waiting for the results of an ongoing closed beta test before committing to any dates, according to Dave Austin, Citrix's director of product marketing in Europe, the Middle East and Africa."

"Desktop virtualization allows corporate IT departments to easily ensure a standard operating environment for all users, but the current approach requires that the desktop environment be networked to a server where the virtual OS is actually running. With bare-metal desktop hypervisors, performance is improved because the system is running locally, not over a network, and users are also able to work offline."

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