Microsoft Offers Free Datacenter Management Kit

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 26, 2010

Designed for System Integrators (SIs) dealing with System Center, Microsoft has released its free Datacenter Management and Virtualization Enablement Kit. According to this report on Softpedia, the toolkit contains everything a system integrator needs to perform a 5-day Proof-of-Concept: Virtual machines, Scenario documentation, Presentations, and Planning templates.

The company is offering its Datacenter Management and Virtualization Enablement Kit via Microsoft Connect.

"System Integrators dealing with System Center now have a new resource from Microsoft to streamline their work. The Redmond company made available the Datacenter Management and Virtualization Enablement Kit for System Integrators via Microsoft Connect. Tom Mertens, Microsoft partner technology advisor, revealed that the new resource could be accessed completely for free. Of course, users will still need a valid Windows Live ID in order to get to the content featured on Microsoft Connect.

"For those that are unfamiliar with the System Center for Systems Integrators, the program is set up to accelerate the adoption of System Center products. Essentially, Microsoft is laboring to offer System Integrators the necessary resources to get familiarized with System Center products and keep up the pace with their evolution."

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