Dell PowerEdge C Servers Aimed at Cloud

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 25, 2010

Dell's new PowerEdge C servers are not typical servers that would appeal to all customers. According to this PC World story, Dell hopes to grab a bigger slice of the cloud infrastructure market with this line of servers that are aimed at service providers running busy Web sites and public cloud computing.

The company's PowerEdge C servers are aimed at service providers running busy Web sites and public cloud computing services.

"It announced three PowerEdge C servers initially: the C1100, for high-memory configurations, the C2100, for data analytics and storage, and the C6100, a 'four-node cloud and cluster optimized shared infrastructure server.' Pricing and configurations weren't available early Wednesday. Dell was due to introduce the systems as part of an overall briefing about its enterprise strategy with reporters in San Francisco Wednesday.

"The systems are not typical servers and won't appeal to all customers. They strip out some features, like redundant power supplies, in order to reduce power consumption and thus operational costs, but that also makes them less reliable than typical rackmount servers. They are designed to run in specialized cloud environments with software that can route around hardware failures and keep applications running."

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