IBM Ends QS21 Cell Blade Servers

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Posted Mar 25, 2010

Just weeks after IBM announced the end-of-line on its QSZ2 future Cell-based blade server, the company has told customers that they only have until June 25 to order more parts for the QS21 Cell Blade Server. As noted on The Register, The QS21 blade came with two 3.2 GHz Cell processors, each with one Power core and eight synergistic processing elements (SPEs) for doing complex calculations.

The second generation of QS21 Cell blades sold by IBM were first announced back in August 2007.

"IBM has killed off its QS21 two-socket Cell blade server, the second generation of Cell blades sold by IBM, which were announced in August 2007.

"The move comes several weeks after IBM murdered a future Cell-based blade server, the QSZ2, that would have given Nvidia's Tesla and Fermi as well as Advanced Micro Devices' FireStream graphics co-processors a run for at least some of the money.

"Today, IBM told customers using its QS21 blades, mostly in as supercomputer clusters, that they have until June 25 to order more parts. After that, no mas."

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