RocketStream File Transfer Overcomes Network Latency

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 24, 2010

Proginet has announced the updated version of its file transfer acceleration software suite, RocketStream 1.6. According to this TMC story, Proginet acquired the RocketStream technology assets in December 2009. The company now develops and markets the RocketStream solution via Proginet Accelerator, a wholly-owned Proginet subsidiary.

Proginet has announced its latest RocketStream file transfer acceleration suite.

"RocketStream Software Suite overcomes the speed degradation of network latency on Internet protocol data throughput, company officials said. It is powered by the RocketStream Protocol and is capable of speeds up to 200x faster than traditional File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

"Proginet has also made several pricing related announcements including availability of a free RocketStream Client, radically lower price points for RocketStream Station and Server, and a limited-time, special incentive program for existing users to upgrade from previously-licensed versions of the software."

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