Apache Directory Server Version 1.5.6 Released

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 24, 2010

The Apache Directory team has released Apache Directory Server version 1.5.6. According to the Apache Directory Project Web site, numerous enhancements and bug fixes were included in this release.

Apache Directory Server version 1.5.6, with numerous enhancements and bug fixes, has been released.

"ChangeLog (Improvements)
DIRSERVER-1466] - Support SHA-256 for userPassword values
[DIRSERVER-1472] - Use Generic Type Parameter for ID in XDBM instead of Long
IRSHARED-13] - Replace the MultiHashMap in RDN by a MultiValueMap
[DIRSHARED-15] - Create a Fast DN parser handling simple DNs
[DIRSHARED-49] - Add i18n translation for error messages and other"

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