Who Will Win the Blade Battle?

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 23, 2010

When a new server processor hits the market, it is not uncommon for vendors to ship products at the same time. In this Business Week "shoot-out review", Blade servers from Dell, HP, and IBM — all sporting the latest Xeon 5600 CPU are benchmarked for a comparative review.

It's a blade shoot-out for the virtual data center between Dell, HP, and IBM.

"Although the start of the InfoWorld blade server shoot-out of 2010 was marked by a natural disaster and hampered by Murphy's Law, we persevered and spent two weeks beating up the best blade systems on the market to find their highs and lows. We built custom power monitoring loops, drank way too many lattes, and worked long into the Hawaiian nights as we ran the Dell, HP, and IBM blade solutions through a gauntlet of tests. They didn't flinch.

"We also managed to add a budget-friendly Supermicro blade chassis into the mix. Where a Dell, HP, or IBM chassis with four blades starts upward of $40,000, the Supermicro solution costs a mere fraction of that. It is not in the same class as the big three blade systems, but it's an interesting option for shops that may not need the latest features or maximum performance. Since it was available in the lab, we put it through the same paces."

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