Former MySQL CEO moves to the Cloud

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Posted Mar 23, 2010

Well-known CEO, Marten Mickos lead open source database maker MySQL for seven years, and continued as senior vice president of the Database Group. Most recently he moved to take the CEO position at Eucalyptus Systems. According to The Register, Mickos knows how to run a commercial entity behind an open source project.

Marten Mick moves to Eucalyptus Systems, providers of the open-source Eucalyptus cloud framework.

"Mickos certainly knows how to run a commercial entity behind an open source project, which is why Woody Rollins, who has been acting as CEO at Eucalyptus Systems and is one of the company's co-founders, is perfectly happy to step aside to become chief financial officer at the provider of a cloud framework for managing virtualized servers based on Xen, KVM and ESX Server hypervisors. Rich Wolski, the company's other co-founder, remains as chief technology officer. Benchmark Capital and BV Capital have kicked in venture capital to drive Eucalyptus Systems - $5.5m in Series A funding in April 2009, when the company was launched, to be precise."

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