How To: Go From Exchange Server to Google Apps

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 19, 2010

Google offers Google Apps sync services with Outlook and Blackberries, and last year it introduced a migration tool for users of Lotus Notes. As reported on this PC Magazine story, the company is also offering a Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange utility.

Working with the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange utility.

"Arguably, most businesses small and (especially) large use MS Exchange servers in-house for email and to store contacts and calendars shared among employees. Google claims its Migration utility provides a four-step process to get all that data ported to the cloud-based Apps for Business.

"You simply enter credentials for the Exchange server and for the Google Apps account, provide a list of users (or set it to migrate the entire domain), and then pick which data you wish to migrate. Finally, you get some specifics on how much or when you wish to move the data--this way you can manage the bandwidth and continue to use the Exchange server as you go. Set the migration utility to run on multiple systems and that can help. Then let it rip."

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