SGI Does More Than 'Talk' Xeon 5600

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 17, 2010

Server vendors are all over the Xeon 5600 processor hype with talk, but Silicon Graphics is actually putting a new Xeon 5600 machine into the field. According to this report on The Register, SGI's new baby blade, the Origin 400 includes an integrated SAS/RAID storage area network.

SGI has a new baby blade, the Origin 400.

"Being a modern machine, the Origin 400 is of course a baby blade server, and it includes an integrated SAS/RAID storage area network for the blades to share. The 6U chassis fits in a normal 19-inch rack and will probably be available in a standalone configuration tipped up on its side at some point to chase the office environment.

"The chassis has room for six two-socket x64 blades, and is based on Intel's 5520 chipset and supports the new six-core and four-core Xeon 5600 family of chips as well as last year's four-core and two-core Xeon 5500s. Each blade has a dozen DDR3 memory slots and supports DDR3 DIMMs running at 800MHz, 1GHz, and 1.3GHz. Using 8GB DIMMs, memory tops out at 96GB, and using the six-core Xeon 5600s, the number of cores in the chassis tops out at 72."

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