Server Virtualization Security Issues

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 17, 2010

All software has flaws, and virtualization platforms are no exception, according to this Data Center Journal report. While all major virtualization platform vendors have all experienced vulnerabilities, Data Center Journal offers up best practice advice for securing your virtual server.

There are a number of security issues to consider when planning and deploying server virtualization.

"The host platform, which connects the VMM and virtual guests to the physical network, can vary widely in the type of configuration options available. This is largely dependent on system architecture; for example, VMware's ESX Server platform has a number of similarities to Red Hat Linux. Given that many of these systems are able to be hardened considerably, a number of 'best practice' configuration guidelines can be applied, including setting file permissions, controlling users and groups, and setting up logging and time synchronization. There are many freely available configuration guides from the virtualization platform vendors, the Center for Internet Security (CIS), NSA, and DISA."

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