Intel Launches Xeon 5600 Server Processor

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 17, 2010

Intel has officially launched its new Xeon 5600 server processor, adding a few new features and the usual speed improvement. According to Hardware Central, we should see major server vendors announce Xeon 5600-based servers this week.

New AES-NI instructions will add native encryption/decryption to the CPU.

"In addition, new AES-NI instructions will add native encryption/decryption to the CPU which will aid in encryption work or allow it to be used in applications where it otherwise might not be the best solution. In one instance, Davis mentioned a Web-based banking app that supported up to 13,000 users without SSL protection, but that dropped to only 10,000 when SSL was turned on. With the encryption enabled, it could handle 13,000 users again.

"'It allows security to be used in places where you might want to get rid of SSL encryption hardware that takes up cost and space, use SSL where you might want to, or maybe offer features like full disk encryption. The AES instructions allow people to use more security without impeding performance,' he told at a media event here."

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