IBM Cuts Power-based Server Prices

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 16, 2010

IBM plans to cut prices on its Power 595 with 64 cores and 128 threads. According to IT Jungle, the price cut has been announced at a time when customers are also looking at IBM's 256-core, 1,024-thread behemoth, expected to launch later this year.

Big Blue has cut prices for upgrading from prior generations of 570 and 595 machines for the current Power 595 machines.

"The big iron boxes in IBM's Power-based server lineup have always tended to come to market later than midrange and entry boxes. With the AS/400 and its progeny being predominantly a midrange platform, and the RS/6000 and its progeny proliferating in the low-end and only gradually coming to be known as a big iron box, it stands to reason that Big Blue would start the Power7 launch in the middle, with the Power 750, 770, and 780 servers.

"That said, when it comes to generating revenues and lots of profits, you just can't beat the big iron boxes like the Power 595. The problem for both customers and IBM at this moment is that the cat is out of the bag that later this year IBM will bring a 256-core, 1,024-thread behemoth to market. And no one wants to be the last one to buy a Power 595 (topping out at 64 cores and 128 threads) at late 2009 prices."

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