Jumping on the Cloud? Consider these Security Issues

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 15, 2010

While cloud marketing is more "repackaging" of solutions that have existed for years, this article on Cloud Computing Journal suggests that CIOs and IT executives are seriously considering cloud services when weighing up the economic benefits.

A little planning and preparation can help you avoid a potential cloud nightmare.

"The balance of scales will always alternate between the reliable and secure nature of data centers with the far cheaper ‘pay as you use’ option of cloud computing. Therefore a way to get a taste of the cloud and assess its suitability to your environment is to utilize the virtualization that is already taking place within your data center. If you are one of the few archaic infrastructures that has not already moved towards the virtualization of applications and infrastructure then you are already missing out on immediate cost benefits which could be existent within your own data center or what the marketing teams tag 'the internal' or 'private' cloud."

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